Accessibility tools for course developers

1. WCAG Contrast checker

It checks the color contrast between the foreground and background of the elements that are in the page according to the WCAG 2 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2).

Color Contrast Analyzers & Checkers

Tutoring video: 


2. Colour Contrast Checker

Contrast and colour use are vital to accessibility. This tool checks the contrast between different colour to meet the Level AA WCAG standards.

3. WAVE Evaluation Tool

WAVE facilitates human evaluation and educates about accessibility issues. It evaluates web accessibility within the Chrome browser.

4. Accessibility Insights for Web

This tool helps developers quickly find and fix accessibility issues. Learn more at

5. Silktide - Screen Reader Simulator

You can use this Web browser plugin to see how a screen reader would behave on your website. It will help you identify areas to improve the user experience of your website for people who use screen readers.